The Symphony of Grand Unification

Complex rhythms
combined with even more complex melodies
shape a symphony
so pure and pretty.

Listen to the music;
Can you hear the sound
of coalescing contraries?

Paradoxity melts
to form a symbiosis,
an equivalence of two.

Dance around a melting center,
in the eye of chaos;
It’s indeed perfection
to fathom this incredible sound!


The Rhythm of General Relativity

Shaping worlds
with only zero
and one…

Can you feel the rhythm
deep inside the secrets
of our incredible universe?

Can you grasp these complex
and indeed syntactic beats
beyond the cabability of your limited human mind?

No rhythm is greater,
no sound more precious
than the rhythm of General Relativity!


Quantum Mechanical Melodies

Melodies so nice and melancholic,
yet filled with incredible joy
feed one’s own depression
with a kind of pure euphoria.

And in the eye of opposites
the nicest sounds arise
in the light
of the blackest black.

And when the sound waves come together
to fusion, to interact
they form a melody so pure and complex,
yet so ultimately simple in its core.

These melodies form echoes,
deafening and wide,
loud and calm,
and both at the same time as well…

They form a duality
of twisted reality,
an equivalence of two.